Sunday, November 27, 2011


The Worrell Family is excited to announce that it is once again growing! We are so excited to announce that we will be adding another little boy to our family! Our new sons name is Elias, he is 8 years old and profoundly Deaf and is going to make an amazing addition to our family when he arrives here sometime in the year 2012.... hopefully long before 2013 arrives! Elias is in Southern China (yeah for a much warmer travel this time) and  is enrolled in a school for the Deaf since September of 2010 and is learning to read, write and sign in Chinese Sign Language.  We think he is simply adorable and cannot wait to get him home with his family!

We will be starting a few fundraisers in the next day or two to help with some of the cost of the fees for our adoption. As some of you know adoption is expensive and while a family may have the resources to take care of a child once they are home it is often very hard to come up with the initial costs to bring that child home. We will do whatever is needed to be done to bring Elias home.

Luke told me the other day, "Mom you will never know how it feels to not have a family.  You pray and think and wonder about knowing what other children know, feeling what other children feel, doing what other children do and then one day almost 11 years later, your prayers are answered and there you are with a family and love! No child should be without a family!" These words come from our child that just 11 months ago had no family to love him, no language to communicate with, no education to help him become someone with a future, but he surely knew the pain and suffering, the loneliness and the emptiness of being an orphan and NOW he and us have been given the gift of a forever family. We are now looking forward to bringing Elias home to his forever family!
                                                                 Please welcome Elias
Isn't that smile radiant! Elias we are working hard and as fast as we can to bring you home quickly! Mom, Dad and your brothers and sister are eagerly awaiting your arrival!