Monday, July 9, 2012

Guess what is back????

               Guess what is back?? ...Our Goat milk Soap fundraiser!!!!!!

We will be selling Goat Milk Soap, by Goat Milk Stuff company. We sold the soap quite awhile ago and did well. We have had alot of people ask us if we would sell it again... SO HERE IT IS!!!!

The company (well really it is an amazing family) makes all natural soaps and this is the way they explain it:  Our goat milk soaps are all natural. We use different oils to scent some of these natural soaps. Essential Oils are derived exclusively from plant material. Fragrance oils contain a synthetic component to mimic scents that can not be derived from nature. Most of our soaps contain a blend of essential and fragrance oils. Our Exclusively Essentials soaps are made with just essential oils. The fragrance oils that we use are phthalate and paraben free. Ingrediants in the soap are: Raw goat milk; Saponified natural fats, coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil.

These bars of goat milk soap are handmade. The goat milk soap bars are hand cut to weigh between 5 and 6 ounces and are cured for a minimum 6 weeks. Your soap will come in a 4" x 6" cotton bag that is hand-stamped with the scent. You will love these sweet smelling, long lasting, bubbly bars of soap.

The fundraiser is one of the best around. It is a lot of work all the sorting and getting the soap to everyone but well worth it and we get 1/2 of the cost of each bar of soap. Each bar is $6.00 and we get $3.00 for each bar sold. The bars are very large and last quite sometime. We were very happy with our soap. The popularity of this soap is catching on.. 

Goat Milk Stuff is featured in the Beauty section of the January 2012 Oprah Magazine - page 66

For our fundraiser we have 10 soaps we are selling. I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to perfume so I used Purity soap and loved it! Very creamy and made my skin very soft and clean!There is something here for everyone!!! I have sample bars with me, so if you live close by feel free to come by and take a whiff of these amazing smells!

These are the scents we have:

Black Raspberry- this soap is sweet with berry sent and then softened by a hint of vanilla, this soap is one that everyone will love! 

Nautical- A scent a tad on the masculine side, but that does not mean that the ladies cant use it! This soap is a favorite among the boys and men, and it seems the ladies get hooked on the scent and start using for themselves!

Lavender- the peaceful and relaxing scent of Lavender.

Ocean- the smell of this soap will remind you of the beach and leave you smelling clean and fresh

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey- this one is a favorite of all who try it. Smells warm and a little sweet! Amazing way to leave your skin soft and smooth!

Purity (unscented)-This is the purest of soaps for those with extremely sensitive skin or those who are sensitive to fragrances. There are no added fragrances or colors. This is the soap that I use as I am allergic to everything. This soap left my skin so clean and soft that I LOVED it!

Honeysuckle- bring back memories from yesteryear with this beautifully scented honeysuckle with a touch of Jasmine soap.

Clean Cotton- This soap will remind you of the fresh scent of newly laundered cotton and leave you feeling fresh and clean.

Luv Spell- This ones for the ladies, this is a take on the Victoria Secret Love spell scent and smells of citrus and florals.

Pink Sugary- A sweetness and hint of vanilla  turn this bar a deep shade of brown instead of pink. Pink sugary is a scent you are going to fall in love with!

If you would like to check out the amazing family that makes these soaps here is there website where they have photos of each bar of soap and a more in depth description of each

Please remember in order to help bring Elias home you need to order directly from me! But you can check out those soaps on the website and the family as well, they are amazing!

You will place your order directly through me and I will call in the order once our fundraiser is done or when we have enough soaps ordered to do so. The order will be shipped to me in just a few days and then I will get it sorted and on its way to you. These soaps make great gifts!!! Especially Luv Spell and Pink Sugary to name a few for the ladies and ladies don't forget your gentlemen will smell amazing with Nautical! All the scents are wonderful and I have samples of all of these if you would like to take a whiff!!!! AHHHH

  • If you live near me just send me your order in an email from the link right below and I will take care of getting it to you!
  • For those of you that dont live around me and would like to order this is how this will work.


Email me with your order here  Please include with your order your name and address. In case the link doesn't work email me at

*How to Pay: Please don't pay until you receive confirmation that your emailed order has been received(see above). I except Paypal (through our "chip in" button on the right side of my blog page) and a personal check. Of course if you live near me cash is always good :)

All orders will be shipped USPS priority mail

Shipping charges: 1 - 5 soaps (shipping is $4.50) *includes delivery confirmation

6 -11 soaps (shipping is $6.00) *includes delivery confirmation

12 - 20+ soaps -Free Shipping!!!! ...(Flat rate shippings USPS PriorityMail is $10.95 plus delivery confirmation of approximately $1 that you wont have to pay..). I'm offering free shipping with orders of 12 or more soaps. 

We did this for our first fundraiser and it worked very well. So we are going to try it again! 

If you are having the soap shipped to you please include the cost of shipping. If you send me your order I will send you a confirmation with the total cost and shipping cost will be included, unless of course you are ordering 12- 20+ bars!  Then again your shipping is free. Or if you live near me and I can personally get the soap to you then you dont pay shipping either.

Thank you for your support and your help in bringing Elias home. Your thoughts and prayers are always appreciated!