Tuesday, August 14, 2012

DTC!!!!!!!!- updated my DTC update with new pics.. go look

YES Lord we are DTC as of 8/1/2012!!! Finally some forward progress, but I have been hesitant to write this blog post as we are honestly on thin ice with our paperwork. China changed requirements and now to re-use your dossier you have to have your paperwork (that we just sent) logged in China within one year of your Gotcha day for the child you brought home. Luke has been home almost 19 months now so we are NO way in that time frame. When we first decided to re-use Luke's paperwork to bring home Elias the ruling was you had to have your new child locked in (matched with  a PA) within one year of Gotcha day... we did that.. we were fine there. But now with the new change we certainly don't qualify. Our agency is fighting hard for us and our paperwork is in China.. but will it sit there for a LONG time and then they reject it (has happened to some recently)... we don't know... Normally after you are DTC you get what is called LID ( a logged in date.. the day that China logged in your dossier to the system.. very important date as it starts the count down for just about everything..) many recently that were DTC before or after me have gotten their LID within a few days of DTC.. we are 2 weeks now and no word.. I do know that sometimes you just dont  hear you get your LID.. so that could be the case....Praying for all kinds of mountains to be moved right now. Funny as I type this I have my spotify playing in the background and it is on shuffle for my worship music and the song playing is "God is Able by Hillsong." interesting choice...I know He is but there are moments when I am too frazzled to remember that.. Gotta get some more prayer time in!

On another note we have again asked for an update on Elias. All of my official paperwork on him is almost 3 years old, my pics are almost 3 years old. Other then the few pics that my friend Lori got for me when she traveled to get her daughter (God bless her for doing that!!!)  But all my official stuff is ancient, he was not even in the school for the Deaf at my last update and he is heading into his 3rd year there. Hoping we get one soon! Cant wait to see what he looks like, figure out how tall he is.. his weight.. ( I am thinking they have changed in the last 3 years!) and praying he is signing Chinese Sign Language like a pro!!!!

We are seeing forward progress with our adoption finally... it just come with the "this might not really be forward progress if you have to compile a whole new dossier disclaimer" Praying and Praying through this part of the process! I will tell you one thing. Adoption is SO not easy... Don't let anyone fool you into thinking it is.. BUT it is SOOOOOO worth it... We are  now 10 months into the process of getting Elias and had expected to be heading home or heading to get him about now.. We are still not sure where we stand in this process, BUT I do know where my GOD stands and I know HE has this in control. He knows the exact moment that we will travel and all of the details are already worked out. That gives me some peace. I dont know how some get through this process without Faith.. I would be in a mental ward without my God holding me up right now hahah. So excited to be moving forward!

Just to remind myself along this road that God is Able!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                                            God will bring Elias home!

I have to add this to my blog update as we JUST and I mean minutes ago got new pics of our gorgeous Elias!!!! and new measurements! The new measurements have him almost at 4'1" and about 50 lbs.. I know measurements tend to be off. That makes him about 7 1/2 inches shorter than Tommy who is about 7 1/2' inches shorter then Luke haha. So Luke will tower over Elias!!
here he is ENJOY!!!!!

He is totally stunning! Cannot wait to see his face in person and kiss and hug him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!