Monday, January 16, 2012


I just wanted to throw this out there for those of you that are thinking adoption is NOT for you.. YOU NEVER KNOW!!!!. If someone told me years ago I would be a sign language interpreter with a husband that is Deaf and 4 soon to be 5 children of which 2 of those children are Deaf and that I adopted them.. I would have told you that you were insane. I would have told you that adoption was not for me, that it was for other people.. you know "those" kind of people....... You just need to pray about it and think.. is this for me? For my family? Is there a child out there that needs my love? (yes there is definitely a child or 146,000,000 of them to be exact that need your love) so then you just need to decide if this is for you... IF it is NOT then please pray for those children and pray their families will be found and pray for those of us who have been called to adopt the "unwanted".  My son from adoption (whom I like to say I birthed in my heart and not my womb) is as much my love as my 3 children that I birthed from my womb. NO DIFFERENT. Equal love all the way around! We have been forever changed and forever blessed by adding one little boy to our family that had no one to love him, no one to show him how things work in life, no one that cared enough to educate him, or give him language, no one to chase away his bad dreams, no one to tickle him and give him raspberries, no one to read to him, no one to patch up that boo boo,  no one to hold and rock him, no one to laugh and joke with, no one to protect him and no one to be his mom, dad, brothers or sister until NOW!!!!. Now God has laid a second child on our hearts that is in China and again he has no family to love him, no one to show him the ropes in life, no one to tuck him in bed at night and read him stories. No one to tell him that he can become whatever he wants to become when he grows up.. because in China his chances of growing up are slim, his chances are success are non-existent. This precious little boy will hopefully be coming home here to us this year and we get the chance to see his face light up when he realizes he HAS a future  and he HAS communication and a language to use to unwrap the mysteries of this world and he HAS a family and he HAS people to love him and that he will be surrounded by people that love and support him! Pray this month for us on this journey and pray to see what your part is in the adoption journey!

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  1. Great post Tracy - and between our two families - that would be 146,000,000 - 5!! Great joy for you guys - and hugs -

    aus and co.