Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A short Update

Well guys, we have our updated homestudy (took 5 1/2 months.. arrggg) but we have it! We mailed out our I-800A and got our receipt that they have received it. We are now 20 days into waiting for our "coveted" fingerprint appointment paper to come in the mail... praying for any day now, but this whole second adoption is moving at snails if not sloths pace. We are trying to just let it roll and go with the non-movement of the adoption and not stress beyond words.. BUT that is WAY easier said then done. SO for now we wait and wait and wait. Praying to see that fingerprint appointment paper soon as Aaron is heading off to Italy and he needs to be fingerprinted too.. So we really would like to get that done before he goes and not have to wait for him to come  back. We shall see what happens.  We are hoping to send for an update on Elias after we submit part of our dossier (we are re-using Luke's dossier, so we only have to send off about 7 things as compared to the 19 things you would send if we were doing it from scratch.) to catch up with the rest of our dossier and then wait some more... If you are a person that likes things done quickly then adoption might not be for you.. There is nothing fast about this process and patience is a highly valued quality while we wait and wait.... So for now that is our update. We will write more when we know more. Praying Elias is doing well and unaware of how long he needs to wait for us to come get him. Cant imagine waiting on his end.


  1. Morning Tracy - yeah - I get the is absolutly the worse part of adoption! I don't know where you are - but given the circumstanes of someone having to travel - our DHS office has a couple 'sympathetic' folks at it who were willing to print us 'out of order' if we had a good reason (like someone needing to travel out of the country?) and hold that aside until the paperwork and rest of us came in on schedule. Might not hurt to ask if the time runs really short!

    hugs - aus and co.

  2. Tracy, wanted to check and see how things are going on your journey! It looks like you are moving but slower than you want but trusting in his timing. Praying that all the details continue to fall into place! I am not sure if your office fingerprints early ... we walked in early right when we got our appointment letter and we were approved that day. So from time we sent in our i800a to approval was 15 days ... it was crazy fast. We were DTC on Friday so anxiously awaiting to see the face of our little girl ... we know God already has her picked for our family! Maybe we will see each other in China again:)!