Friday, June 22, 2012

Good News and We are BUSY!!!!!

A massively quick update! We FINALLY got I-800A approval. IT took 73 days to get it. First an RFE (request for Evidence) that was a ridiculous request and held us up  about 3 weeks. Then we finally got an approval and it came with my husbands last name wrong. So add on 2 more weeks to send the corrected paper... Altogether 73 days for a step that is usually pretty quick.

We are now in the throws of a MASSIVE adoption yard sale fundraiser for Elias. We have had about 9 families donate to our fundraiser. We have TONS of items for sale. I cant believe all the items that were donated. Let me tell you having a Multi-family yard sale with pretty much my husband and I doing all the gathering, sorting, cleaning and pricing has been a massive undertaking. WOW. We have been blessed and are praying for a great turn out tomorrow. We are ready to move on to DTC but with the IRS still holding our adoption refund and our regular refund for investigation we have no funds to move on. (apparently the IRS has no one better to investigate then families that adopt orphans...)

Alright I am back to cleaning and pricing. We are starting to get ready at 4:00 am tomorrow as it is going to take hours to get it all out of our house and basement and garage and onto our yard. Praying for the masses to come! Will update how it goes!

Praying for Elias daily and that he soon will be home here with his family where he belongs. It has been 8 months since we were matched and that is a long paper pregnancy folks and we are not even close yet...Praying

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  1. A step forward is still at step!! Good stuff - and the IRS will cave - they always do!!

    hugs - good luck with the sale -

    aus and co.