Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New photos of our Elias!!!!!!!

                                     Looking brave and scared at the same moment!
                                     Some obvious new big boy teeth since his last photos!
A friend actually SAW Elias yesterday and took pictures of him for me! Other then looking obviously horrified and unsure of what is going on, he looks darn good with some great cheeks that I so cant wait to kiss! He is obviously wearing some new clothes and looks like they wanted to present him looking good. Cant wait to get him home and Thank you so much to our angel for giving us this precious gift! This is what us adoptive parents live for, a photo of our little one, to see they are safe as they can be and get a glimpse of that face. I have been on cloud 9 all day and it is such a blessing to see him!!!!!!

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  1. Very cool - we had that happen once with our youngest adopted - and were able to find a couple more on other adoptive parents blogs - back when they were a little more 'relaxed' about you using your camera!

    He looks great and we couldn't be any happier for you!!

    hug - aus and co.