Friday, March 23, 2012

Our fundraiser is almost over!

Ok Guys just TWO and a half days left of our fundraiser! Thats right it is AlMOST OVER! If you are thinking about buying some Thirty One products NOW IS THE TIME!!! We could use the help (not going to lie) and you could use an awesome bag or two (that might be a fib depending on if you need a bag or not!) But seriously we are hitting the end of our amazing Thirty One Fundraiser! Consider helping us out! THANK YOU!!!!

Download a pdf of the Thirty-One spring catalog here:

When you are ready to enter your order, go to
Click on "My Events" and then choose the Worrell Family fundraiser.
                      I want to kiss those cheeks so bad! Cant wait to get him home!
 Through that gate and those bars is where my Elias is.. His school for the Deaf is in there somewhere........... Cant wait until he is safely home and in school with Luke, with his family, together forever!

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