Sunday, April 1, 2012

The waiting

Yesterday Luke and I spent the day watching 2 short videos of Elias over and over and over again. They were taken by my Adoption agency over 2 years ago when they met him. He has been waiting for a family for years and we cant believe how long it is taking us to get to him. Luke says "I could watch his video all day" Ohhh trust me Luke so could I.  It is so hard to wait to bring him home. We only have a few pictures and 2 short videos of him and that is what is keeping is going until we get to fly to China and see his precious little face in person. Luke must ask me many many times a day "when is Elias coming home mom?" He just doesn't understand all the paperwork and waiting that is involved in bringing his new brother home. It took us 16 months to bring Luke home....... We have been 5 1/2 months so far of waiting for Elias............ Luke has already made about 20 posters welcoming Elias home when that day finally comes!

As the time ticks on our family is trying so hard to be patient but MAN IT IS HARD!!!! Elias, we look at your little face with those gorgeous cheeks daily and we just imagine what you are all about..... We pray for you daily and we pray that you are safe and that you will soon be home here with your family that already loves you despite the thousands and thousands of miles that separate us!

Hang in there baby we are working hard to bring you home!

Mommy, Daddy, Big brothers, Aaron, Luke and Tommy and Little sis, Paige!

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